Tickets have already gone on sale for the Basque Pelota World Championships Barcelona 2018 to see the world’s best Basque pelota players in action, when they meet in the Catalan capital from 14 to 20 October at the recently renovated, iconic Vall d’Hebron frontons, which are set to remain as a legacy of the event for the city. Tickets can be purchased at the website for the event:

The public will be able to enjoy this world-class competition at very affordable prices. Full competition tickets for the whole event, tickets from Thursday to Saturday and one-day tickets have all been put on sale. Ticket prices for weekdays coinciding with qualifying matches will be 5 euros. Clubs, federations and groups will be able to purchase discounted tickets, as one of the main objectives is to make these World Championships as open as possible to the city and its inhabitants.

The opening session will take place on 14 October with a major leather paddle duel between Spain and Argentina before the opening ceremony, which will also take place in the same facilities of Vall d’Hebron. A total of 14 official competitions will be held and more than 160 matches are set to be played.

You can buy your tickets here