The speciality with most players

Frontenis is played with a reinforced tennis racket and rubber ball in a 30m fronton. It is played as doubles in both the men’s and women’s categories. There are two modalities of frontenis: Olympic and pre-Olympic. Originally from Mexico, Olympic frontenis is the official speciality of the World Championships.

Nine countries in action, eight national teams in the men’s category and six in the women’s category, will compete for the title of world champions. The favourites, Mexico and Spain, are countries with a long tradition in this speciality and have a brilliant track record of success.


Participants MEN'S FRONTENIS
  1. Mexico
  2. France
  3. Spain
  4. USA
  5. Argentina
  6. Chile
  7. El Salvador
  8. Cuba
  1. Mexico
  2. Spain
  3. Cuba
  4. France
  5. Chile
  6. Argentina