The Basque Pelota World Championships Barcelona 2018 are to be held in facilities befitting the event’s standing that will be officially launched for this major sports event. The CEM of Vall d’Hebron and Bac de Roda frontons (where some of the matches of the qualifying phase will be played) have undergone a major overhaul to host the world’s best pelota players. These completely renovated facilities will remain as a legacy for the city, Basque pelota fans, federations and clubs.

The Vall d’Hebron frontons are in the final stretch of their recent remodelling process 27 years after their construction, on the occasion of the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games, when Basque pelota was an exhibition sport. After a thorough dual-phase restoration, the necessary actions have been carried out to adapt the installations to existing regulations. These actions have included repairing the paintwork, changing the external grating, replacing the back walls and modifying the height of the zones of the frontons and trinquete.

But undoubtedly the major or crowning action of this restoration process is the latest generation movable rebound wall, a 12-metre high, 6-ton slatted structure that has been installed in the 36-metre fronton so that it can be converted into a 30-metre fronton in just 15 minutes. Two facilities in one that will help the CEM of Vall d’Hebron to host all the 36-metre and 30-metre fronton competitions and to ensure that all the matches can be held in a single venue in the final phase. 

The Bac de Roda frontons have also required a slight overhaul, including repairing the paintwork, retrofitting the lighting and installing scoreboards.

When the refurbishment of all the facilities has ended by the end of July, the venues hosting the Basque Pelota World Championship Barcelona 2018 will be ready to welcome more than 300 players from the 14 best Basque pelota teams in the world.